prn: OnCall

Updated February 28, 2016

This is an iOS app that helps clinicians who are on call by keeping limited patient info on hand and recording clinician thoughts and actions.   This is a single-user application intended for use in small practices without an EHR system.

After hours patients may have questions or become ill.   When patients contact clinicians, it is helpful to have a handy set of information about the patient to guide the advice given.

When contacted, the clinician obtains the name, diagnoses, and medications the patient is taking.   These may be updated as needed. New patients may be added to the app at any time.

For each contact episode, the clinician records the reason the patient made contact and any advice/suggestions offered. Episode information is stored permanently. New information may be be appended, but not deleted (though it can be made inactive).   Episode information is searchable within the text and by date, patient, time, problem/diagnosis, medication, and reason for contact.

Project Goals

  • Knowledge/Skills
    • Swift 2.0
    • Xcode 7
    • CloudKit
  • Experience
    • Apple app approval procedures
    • Formation of a clinician advisory/test group